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25 Famous People Who were Homeless


Help fill the gap between homelessness & main stream America by making necessary moves to get homeless women veterans back in the workforce & becoming independent.  

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Although a new company, the vision of is truly impressive. The gap between homelessness and main stream America is finally defined and a solution brought forth. Look out America,, is pulling up the rear and making the necessary moves to get homeless women veterans back in the workforce and standing independent.


Leveling the Playing Field for Women Veterans

It's about leveraging the resources we currently have to walk veterans into jobs. We are committed to using the connections we have and building on them to ensure women veterans are the first line of selection.

Training Women Veterans in basic job search skills

Providing basic job search techniques, resume and cover letter assistance, career coaching, recruiter selection, interviewing skills, and negotiating workshops to build confindence in women veterans that are actively seeking employment in the open market.

Supplying Homeless Women Veterans with essential daily necessities for introduction back into the workforce

Providing daily essentials CarePacs to homeless women veterans as we encourage and engage them.

Providing Mentoring and Support to boost Self Esteem

One of the most impactful ways mentors can influence mentees is by modeling positive behaviors that help them learn to respect themselves and others.

About Us

A non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of Female Veterans, who have honorably severed our country and are now in need.

Our programs are built in stages allowing familiarity of the services, while building credibility with partnering vendors.

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